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Seafood Summit 2007

The Business of Sustainability

Jacksonville, Florida
January 28 - 31, 2007

Sustainability in the seafood industry is no longer an idea in question; it is a principle of business that companies and corporations are struggling to incorporate into their company policy and buying guidelines. This January 28 through 31, Seafood Choices Alliance’s Seafood Summit 2007, “The Business of Sustainability”, brought together business and conservation leaders from around the world to discuss critical and timely issues as well as explore opportunities for increasing the sustainability of the seafood industry. While many trade shows offer companies networking opportunities to showcase their products and services, Seafood Summit is the only venue to connect large and small companies from a diverse array of industries with leaders from the conservation community to bridge the gap between the latest science and the reality of the seafood marketplace.

While the Summit in 2006 saw major seafood buyers and retailers making commitments to sustainability, Seafood Summit 2007 explored how those companies would meet their commitments. This event demonstrated just how far the sustainable movement has come from its beginnings just a few years ago.

The 2007 Summit was the most popular and diverse Summit yet. Not only did the Summit hit record numbers with over 275 attendees representing over 180 different companies and organizations, the composition of attendees was the most diverse in the history of the Seafood Summit. For the first time ever, attendees from the business sector outnumbered attendees from conservation organizations. In addition, the Seafood Summit truly became a global event, with 19 percent of attendees from outside the U.S., hailing from 16 different countries, including the United Kingdom, Belize, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, New Zealand and the Philippines. First time attendees from major retail chains included representatives from Harris Teeter, Kings Supermarkets, Publix Super Markets, and Winn Dixie Stores. Seafood Summit 2007 clearly demonstrated that the move toward sustainable seafood has made the leap from niche to mainstream.

The agenda for 2007 included the following topics:

  • Lessons of Agriculture for Aquaculture
  • The nuts and bolts of using the MSC logo in an independent business
  • Sustainable Seafood Meets the Realities of the International Marketplace
  • Organic Seafood in Practice
  • Fish Watch: Bringing the Status of Stocks to You
  • The Re-Artisanalization of the Spiny Lobster Fishery in Brazil
  • Creating an Environmental Certification Program for Molluscan Shellfish
  • New Policy Tools for Sustainable Fisheries
  • LCA of Farmed and Wild Salmon
  • Transitions to Sustainability
  • Linkages Between Sustainable Seafood and Agricultural Efforts
  • You Are What You Eat: Fish can be contaminant free
  • Indicators of Resource Use Efficiency and Environmental Performance
  • Bringing Small-scale Fisheries and Aquaculture to Market
  • Sourcing, Marketing & Creating Standards for Environmentally Preferable Farmed Shrimp
  • Positive Developments in Aquaculture Operations
  • Omega 3’s: Science, Myth, and Emerging Issues
  • Translating CSR Commitments into Fisheries Policy Change
  • Fish Feed: The growth of aquaculture and its impact on wild fish
  • Food Trends 07

Selected speakers represented diverse expertise and geographical locations such as Bob Langert (McDonald’s Corporation), Samuel Rauch (Deputy Assistant Administrator for Fisheries, NOAA), Alastair Macfarlane (New Zealand Seafood Industry Council), Scott Nichols (scientist, DuPont Company), George Chamberlain (President, Global Aquaculture Alliance), Israel Snir (general manager, AquaFinca, Regal Springs Tilapia Group) and Trygve Berg Lea (International Product Manager, Skretting).


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